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*Hayabusa about to enter into Earth's gravity sphere
Dec 24, 2009 Up!!

*Hayabusa approaching closer to Earth
Dec 17, 2009 Up!!

*Resemption of return cruise by conbrining two ion engines
Nov 19, 2009 Up!!

*Asteroid Exolorer "HAYABUSA" Ion Engine Anomaly
Nov 12, 2009 Up!!

*Hayabusa reached the farthest deep space
Jun 2, 2008 Up!!!

*Hayabusa Finished First Leg of Orbit Maneuver toward Earth
Oct 30, 2007 Up!!

*The Infrared Astronomy Satellite AKARI observes the asteroid Itokawa,
the target of the Hayabusa explorer

Aug.29,2007 Up!!

*Successful re-ignition of Ion Engine C onboard Hayabusa
Aug.29,2007 Up!!

*Hayabusa leaves for Earth

*Status of the HAYABUSA


*Recent Status of Hayabusa spacecraft as of the end of May, 2006

*The Second Hayabusa Symposium

rent Status of Hayabusa Spacecraft-Communication and
Operation Resumption

*Chance of Communication Resumption@Dec.16Up!!

*Status of the Hayabusa@Dec.15 Up!!

*Status of the Hayabusa@Dec.12 Up!!


*Hayabusa is sure to have succeeded in asteroid sampling!
It found the Target Marker with 880,000 names!

*Hayabusafs First Touching-down Attempt for Sampling and Its
Subsequent Schedule

*Hayabusa CG is available on start page

*Successfully released the target marker

*Hayabusafs Practice Descent (Rehearsal) on November 4th

*MINERVA explores the surface of ITOKAWA

*Hayabusa's Scientific and Engineering Achievements
during Proximity Operations around Itokawa


*All around a small world!

*Which direction is "north" on Itokawa? Oct.31Up!!

*Hayabusa succeeded to observe the "opposition surge" of Itokawa!

*Orbital Evolution of Asteroid Itokawa Oct.27Up!!

*Solar Radiation Pressure Force acting on Hayabusa Station Keeping

*Comparison of LIDAR measurement with Range O-C data
Oct 25Up!!

*Animation of Itokawa's rotation Oct.24Up!!

*Altitude Estimation using Navigation Camera Oct.23Up!!

*The current Status of the near-infrared spectrometer(NIRS)

*Generating a shape model of the asteroid Itokawa using the Laser

*Global Mapping of Itokawa (the initial global shape model) Oct.12Up!!

*Current Status of Spacecraft Oct,8 Up!!

*Hayabusa has noe arrived at the Home Position
Oct.7 Up!!

*Station keeping history of Hayabusa to Itokawa Sept.29 Up!!

*Proposal of the names of representative terrain on Itokawa Sept.22 Up!!

*Hayabusa arrives at Itokawa PDF(446KB) Sept.21Up!!

*Itokawa Composite color image Sept.15 Up!!

*The synthesized pseudo-color image of Itokawa which took by
Sept.14 Up!!

*The doppler and altimeter data at Hayabusa arrival Sept.13 Up!!

*Hayabusa arrives Itokawa!! Sept.12 Up!!

*Itokawa Image on September 10 Sept.12 Up!!

*Itokawa Image on September 9 Sept.12 Up!!

*Itokawa Image on September 8 Sept.12 Up!!

*Itokawa Image on September 7 Sept.9 Up!!

*Hayabusafs Primary Visible Imager, AMICA now started its Test
Sept.8 Up!!

*Hayabusa detects Itokawa's rotation Sept.7 Up!!

*Hayabusa successfully captured Itokawa shape for the first time
in space
Sept.6 Up!!

*HAYABUSA Status and Proximity Operation Sept.2 Up!!

*HAYABUSA Sept. 1st Sept.1 Up!!

*Accomplishment of HAYABYSA's outward jouney by ion engines
Aug.29 Up!!

*Hayabusa's Navigation Camera Photographed the "ITOKAWA"
Aug.29 Up!!

*Hayabusa performed the Star Tracker imaging of ITOKAWA
Aug.29 Up!!

*Outline Aug.22 Up!!

*Visible time from Itokawa PDF (33.4KB) Aug15 UP!!


Hayabusa completed the correction TCM-2
Jun 8, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa completed the correction TCM-2
Jun 1, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa Caotured its Home Earth
May 17, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa completed the correction TCM-1
May 10, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa successfully completed its initial correction(TCM-0)
May 6, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa about to enter into Earth's gravity sphere
Apr121, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa about to enter into Earth's gravity sphere
Apr 1, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa traversed over south pole and will fly-by at night side of Earth
Mar 26, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa will skim the geosynchronous orbit
Mar 23, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa now at the Final Guidance Phase
Mar 12, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa, passes within half of the Moon's distance
Mar 8, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa, now will pass within Moon's distance
Feb 26, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa is skimming the Moon
Feb 18, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa, Right on the Course
Feb 15, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa will will pass at two times as far distance as to the Moon
Feb 9, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa will approach within 1 million km from Earth
Feb 1, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa Approach in Order with Two More Months of Ion Engines Burn Left
Jan 21, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa on a path passing through Earth's gravity sphere
Jan 14, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa about to enter into Earth's gravity sphere
Jan 8, 2010 Up!!

Hayabusa about to enter into Earth's gravity sphere
Jan 4, 2010 Up!!

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