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Numerical Shape Modeling of Itokawa

The detailed three-dimensional shape model of the asteroid Itokawa is currently under
construction, based on the images taken by Hayabusa, in cooperation with the research
group of the University of Aizu. The completed model will be utilized for descent
operation for the sampling sequence on the asteroid surface, as well as for the mass
and density estimation from the gravity measurement.

The initial global shape model was created by using images, taken by Hayabusa from the
Gate Position, about 20 km from Itokawa. Figure 1 shows the three dimensional shape
model reconstructed following the outermost rims of the asteroid in each image..

At this stage, the obtained model is expressed by only convex parts. Now we are updating
this model by adding concave parts. Even a more detailed shape model is also under
reconstruction in parallel by using the observed data at the Home Position, about 7 km
from Itokawa.


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