Feasibility Study of Mars Exploration by using Aerocapture abstract
Aerothermal Environment and Test Vehicle of Planetary Entry Probes abstract
Initial Attitude Acquisition Results of YOHKOH abstract
On the "HITEN's" Aerobraking Experiments abstract
Gimbal Control Technique for Control Moment Gyro abstract
コントロール・モーメント・ジャイロによる2軸トルク制御 abstract
Experimental Research on Wave Cancellation for a Flexible Beam abstract
VLBI −受信から相関経由描画まで− abstract
Effects of Flexibility of a Tether and Aerodynamic Drag on Staionkeeping of the Tethered Subsatellite abstract
Estimation of the Final Attack Angle for the LUNAR-A Mission abstract
Gravitational Capture ORbit in the Earth-Moon System abstract
On Estimation of Gravity Potential of the Moon abstract
Robust Three Axis Attitude Control abstract
The Attitude Control System of the TR-IA Rocket abstract
宇宙ロボットのモデリング abstract
Control of Space Telerobot System abstract
Retrieving of a Satellite b a Space Robot abstract
Kinematical Study for Force Control of Space Manipulator abstract
ランデブ・ドッキングに関する一考察 abstract
Study on Attitude Control of Spacecraft abstract
An Experiment using Gas-Bearing for Measuring Divergence-time-constant of Nutation abstract
「さきがけ」の軌道決定運用報告 abstract
An Application of GPS Carrier Phase Observation to an A/L Navigation Flight Experiment abstract
In-Orbit Performance of Solar-A Sun Pointing Control abstract