A-1 Orbit Determination for the deep space mission using delta VLBI technique abstract
A-2 Location Determination of Lunar Penetrators abstract
A-3 Orbit Estimation of A Celestial Body Based on Images Obtained by An On-board Cameraabstract
A-4 NAL/ERI Precise Ephemerides for the IGS Epoch'92 Campaign abstract
A-5 Optimal Arbitrary Orbit Transfers with a Finite-Thrust abstract
A-6 Optimal Trajectories and Control law for AOTV abstract
A-7 Scenario of Phobos Global Survey b the Use of Phobos Grabity abstract
A-8 PLANET-B '98 Trajectory Desciption abstract
A-9 A Noncollocated Control Law for Tethered Subsatellite Systemabstract
A-10 Identification of Unknown Structural Parameters in Flexible Structures abstract
A-11 Vibration and Motion Analysis Method of Multi-Elastic-Body in Space abstract
A-12 An Approach to Dynamics of Flexible Systems abstract
A-13 Simulation of a Free Flying Space Robot Capturing a Target abstract
A-14 Constant Tension Control on the Suspension System abstract
A-15 Impact Estimation for Capturing a Target by a Spae Robot -Effects of the Joint Stiffness- abstract
A-16 Adaptive Attitude Control for an Artificial Satellite with Mobile Bodies abstract
A-17 Equations of Dynamical Motion for Multibody Systems with Configuratin Charge abstract
A-18 Inverse Kinematics and Inverse dynamics of Space Manipulator abstract
B-1 Experimental Study for AUtonomous Retrieval of Tumbling Satellite by Space Manipulator abstract
B-3 Analytical Study of the Dynamics of the Penetration of LUNAR-A Penetrator abstract
B-4 Trajectory and Attitude Analysis of Reentry Capsule
        -Flight Results of Sounding Rocket Experiment- abstract
B-5 An Approch to Dynamics of Spinning Wire Antenna Sstems and GEOTAIL Flight Results abstract
B-6 Dynamics Simulations of Mechanical Deployment and Separation in Spacecraft using DADS Software abstract
B-7 Attitude and H Vibration Control of A Flexible System abstract
B-8 Control of Flexible Structures by Wave-Based Technique abstract
B-9 Electric PRopulsion and its Application for Scientific Sace Missions abstract
B-10 Development of a Low-Thrust Trajectory Optimization Code for Electric Propulsion Research abstract
B-11 Optimization of Low-Thrust Trajectories -From Computatoinal Aspects- abstract
B-12 A Study on GUidance Scheme in Low Thrust Asteroid Mission abstract
B-13 Flight Test of The Rhumb Line Control System Via Balloon abstract
B-14 Vibration Characteristics Control of Structure with SMA(Shape Memory Alloy) Composite Material abstract
B-15 Receding Horizon Control of a Space VeHIcle Model Using Stabilized Continuation Method abstract
B-16 On the Simplified Recursive Formula of Rhumb Line Maneuvers
        with its Application to Identification of Directional Dispersion abstract
B-17 Stability Analysis of ASCA Safe-Hold Dynamics abstract
B-18 Control of Soft Docking System abstract
Comments on Optimization Methods for Electric Propulsion abstract
Dynamics and Control of Systems Undergoing Configurational Variations abstract