A-1 Analytical Model of Penetration Dynamics into Lunar Soil with Lateral Loading abstract
A-2 Debiris Impact Test at Low Velocity abstract
A-3 Attitude motion of the reentry body during atmospheric flight abstract
A-4 Reentry Flight Analysis of Asteroid Sample Return Mission abstract
A-5 Position Control of Space Manipulator with Rate Feedback abstract
A-6 Trajectory Control of a Flexible Planar Manipulatror Based on the Inverse Kinematics abstract
A-7 Attitude Control of a Space Robot(ath Planning for Manipulator using Genetic Algorithm) abstract
A-9 A Control Method to Retrieve a Tumbling Satellite Based on an Approximate Model abstract
A-10 Estimation of the Rotational Motion of the Asteroid Based on the Camera Image abstract
A-11 Longitudinal Dynamics and Stability of a Spaceplane abstract
A-12 Mars-Rover Mobility Improved By Control of C.G.Location abstract
A-13 A Small Satellite Mission : Estimation Simulations for the Atmosperic Density
        and the Attitude of Satellite in Low-Earth Orbit by a Free-Flying Payload abstract
A-14 About trajectories for Activities in Close Proximity to Phobos abstract
A-15 Study on the Relative Motion and Orbit Design For Clustered Satellites abstract
A-16 Orbital Transfer Operation Utilizing Rotational Motion of Tether abstract
A-17 The Low-Thrust Flyby GUidance and an Extended Optimal Spacing Rule abstract
A-18 Orbit Plane Adjustment Method for the Electric Propulsion Lunar Observation
        Satellite Using the Geopotential Zonal Effect abstract
A-19 Optimization of Interplanetary Trajectories using Low Thrust Electric Propulsion abstract
B-1 A Trial Construction of Reel Mechanism for Tethered Subsatellite System abstract
B-2 Gas Flow Dynamics of Gas Rate Sensor abstract
B-3 A Study of a Spacecraft Attitude and Orbit Control with an Insufficient Number of Thrusters abstract
B-5 The Infuence that Doppler measurement of frequency control fjormula gives to orbit determination abstract
B-6 Flight Data Analysis of the Spaceborne GPS Receiver on OREX abstract
B-7 Cross Analysis of TOPEX/Poseidon and ERS-1 Data in the Mediterranean Sea abstract
B-8 A Method to Estimate the Positin of Asteroid by Visual Active Sening abstract
B-9 A Linear Modeling Method for Nonlinear System and Its Application to the Estimation
        of the Atmospheric Density by a Free-Flying Payload abstract
B-10 Control of Gliding Parachute abstract
B-11 Attitude Control Algorithm of the M-V Launching Rocket abstract
B-12 S-520-#18 Canard Control Using Adaptive Notch Filter abstract
B-13 M-V Rocket : Pitch Angle Program Modification due to Wind Shear abstract
B-14 Optimal Control of Simple Nonstationary Systems abstract
B-15 Receding Horizon State Estimation of a Space Vehicle Model Using Stabilized Continuation Method abstract
B-16 A Study on Control of Time-Varying-System abstract
B-17 A H2/H Robust Design and Attitude Control of a Large Flexible Rocket abstract
B-18 On the Identification of a Dereverberated Transfer Function abstract
B-19 Identification of Unknown Structural Parameters in Time Variant and Invariant Structures abstract