2000 Contents

A-1 Nonlinear Six-Degree-of-Freedom Control for MUSES-C   abstract
A-2 Home Position Keeping Scheme for MUSES-C Mission   abstract
A-3 Station Keeping Based on the Optical Information at the libration Point   abstract
A-4 Follow-up Study on the Orbit Determination under Electric Propulsion
      and on the Integrated Trajectory Correction Scheme   abstract
A-5 Experiment Pointing Control for Satellite Tracking System
      with Multisensor Systems under Base Perturbations   abstract
A-6 Algorithm of Nonlinear Receding Horizon Control with GMRES Method
       : Error Analysis and Numerical Evaluation   abstract
A-7 Nonlinear H‡, Control and its Application to Spacecraft Control   abstract
A-9 PDSS Control for Flexible Space Structures with Distributed and Lumped Flexibility   abstract
A-10 Optimization of Spacecraft AscentTrajectory Design
      -Application of Genetic Algorithm-   abstract
A-12 A Note on Optimal Control Algorithm & A Simple Spacecraft Control   abstract
A-13 Present status of orbital determination for NOZOMI spacecraft   abstract
A-14 The elimination of spin modulation for 'NOZOMI' orbit determination   abstract
A-15 Improvement of Solar Radiation Pressure Model for Nozomi Orbit Determination   abstract
A-16 Orbit Determination Analysis for Nozomi considering small ƒĒV
       caused by attitude maneuver   abstract
A-17 Retrograde Satellite for Monitoring Geosynchronous Debris   abstract
A-18 Dual-Launch of the Lunar Explorer and the L5 Orbiting Spacecraft
       Using Lunar Gravity-Assisted Transfer   abstract
A-20 Orbit Synthesis of the Venus Climate Orbiter Mission   abstract
A-21 Solar Electric Propulsion Leverage: Electric Delta-VEGA (EDVEGA)
      Scheme and its Application   abstract
A-22 The effect of Hill's perturbing function on orbit energy and angular momentum   abstract
A-23 The Tidal Perturbation Effect on the Flight in the Sphere -of-Influence Boundary   abstract
B-1 Formation Keeping of Quasi-zenith Satellite System   abstract
B-2 Autonomous eccentricity separation of satellites by using potential -function guidance   abstract
B-3 Design and Control of Flyaround Trajectory by Impulsive Velocity change   abstract
B-4 On Formation Flight-2 -XEUS Mission-   abstract
B-5 Coordinated Control of Tethered Satellite Cluster Systems   abstract
B-6 Control of Grasping at Flying Object Using Genetic Programming   abstract
B-7 Effects of the Arm tip and the Joint Stifiness in the Contact Operation by a Space Robot   abstract
B-8 Satellite Capture Simulation Using Numerical Verification Method   abstract
B-10 An Approach to Flexible Multibody Dynamics Based on a Variable-Gain Penalty Method   abstract
B-11 Trajectory Control of Flexible Space Robot with Deployable Links   abstract
B-12 On Stabilization of Extending Space Structures   abstract
B-13 Relative Position Estimation for Formation Flight   abstract
B-14 A Study on Relative Position Estimation for Formation Fight with Range Information   abstract
B-15 A study On Navigation Accuracy In Satellite Constellation   abstract
B-18 Discrete-time Adaptive Control of Space Robot Manipulators Using Transpose
       ofGeneralized Jacobian Matrix   abstract
B-19 Dynamics of a Space Robot with Tether Tension   abstract
B-20 Modeling of a Tethered Space Robot as String-Rigid bodies   abstract
B-21 Analysis of Dynamics of a Tethered Subsatellite System in an Elliptical orbit   abstract
B-23 On-Ground Experiment of Attitude MOtion of Tethered Subsatelllite
       Using Balloon Model   abstract
B-24 Non-linear Low Inpact Joint Actuator for Space Robot   abstract
C-1 Control of an Asteroid Sample Return Robot during Contact based
       on Complementarity Modeling   abstract
C-2 Optimization of the End-Effector Trajectory to Suppress the Attitude Variation
       and Reduce Impulsive Force Simultaneously at Capturing a Target   abstract
C-3 MUSES-C Touch-Down Tes by Robotics Smulator   abstract
C-4 Initial Data Analysis of Touch-Down Experiments
       for MUSES-C Asteroid Sampling Probe   abstract
C-5 Experimental Study for On-Orbit Servicing Using Dual-Manipulator   abstract
C-6 Study of Super-Mechano Colony Rover for planetary exploration   abstract
C-7 New Mobility using Elastic Energy in the Microgravity Enviroment   abstract
C-8 Micromanipulator on Planetary Rover for Lunar Explore Mission   abstract
C-9 System Design of the Hyper-OSV (Orbital Servicing Vehicle)   abstract
C-10 Motion Dynamics Simulation of Exploration Rovers   abstract
C-11 H2O Ice Exploration with a Robotic System   abstract
C-12 Research Summary of Reconfigurable Space Robot Systems   abstract
C-13 Attitude Control of Spacecraft Using Two Torque Inputs   abstract
C-14 Control of Spacecraft Nonlinear Attitude Motion by Using Control Moment Gyros   abstract
C-15 Feedback Control of a Four-wheeled Vehicle   abstract
C-16 An Extension of Lyapunov Control for a Class of Non-holonomic Systems   abstract
C-18 Hybrid Motion Simulation of a Space Robot's Target Capturing Task   abstract
C-19 Position & Attitude Control Experiment of the Spacecraft
       by a Free Flight Simulator(FFS)   abstract
C-20 Diagosis of Small Satellites Using a Robot Satellite   abstract
C-21 Development of a Free Flight Simulator   abstract
C-22 Parachute Trigger System using Baroswitch and Accelerometer   abstract
C-23 Analysis of Vibration Control for Slew Manever of Flexible Space Structures   abstract
C-24 Ground Experiments of Reconfiguration and Brachiation
       For Reconfigurable Brachiating Space Robot   abstract