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A-1The Effect of Perturbation by the Moonin a Highly Elliptic Orbital Formation Flightabstract PDF text
A-2Theoretical equation of minimal fuel consumption for satellitesf
formation keeping control under J2 perturbationabstract PDF text
A-3Stabilizability and Network Structure for Formation Flightabstract PDF text
A-4Spacecraft Formation Flying Eccentric Orbitsabstract PDF text
A-5rbital Dynamics of Laser-Propelled Space Vehicle from Orbitingabstract PDF text
A-6Optimal Trajectories for EGA Mission Using Solar Sailabstract PDF text
A-7Motion Analysis of satellites after separation from M-V-7 rocketabstract PDF text
A-8Earth Escape Trajectories Starting from L2 Pointabstract PDF text
A-9On the Interplanetary Flight from the Deep Space Portabstract PDF text
A-10Robust Lunar Orbit Injection by the usage of Moon Synchronous Orbitabstract PDF text
A-11A study on back up trajectory of sequence for lunar transferabstract PDF text
A-12A Study on Formation Flying Transition Behavior and Intelligent Traffic Systemabstract PDF text
A-13Orbit estimation analysis for interplanetary missionabstract PDF text
A-14Δ VLBI Test Observation at HAYABUSA’s approach to ITOKAWAabstract PDF text
A-15Design of Halo Orbit around L2 of Earth-Moon Systemabstract PDF text
A-16Visual and positioning system study for a Morphable Beam Deviceabstract PDF text
A-17Design and Test of Altitude Measurement for Planetary Landing Radarabstract PDF text
A-18A Novel Method of Velocity Measurementfor the Lunar/Planetary Landing Radarabstract PDF text
A-19Flight Test of Rocket Sun Aspect Sensorand Attitude Determination System
on the Ground by M-V-8 Launchabstract PDF text
A-20The Basic Study of 3-Dimensional Reaction Wheelabstract PDF text
A-21Development of Gas-Liquid Equilibrium Thruster for Small Satelliteabstract PDF text
A-22A Study of Spacecraft Thermal Control using Thermoelectric Conversion Deviceabstract PDF text
A-23Integrated Guidance, Navigation and Control in Flying-by Small Bodies using Interceptorabstract PDF text

B-1Trajectories and Attitudes of an Asteroid Sample Return Spacecraft “HAYABUSA”
during Touchdowns on ITOKAWAabstract PDF text
B-2Flight Results on GNC in Final Descent Phase for Hayabusa Touchdownabstract PDF text
B-3Analysis on Touchdown Dynamics of Hayabusa Spacecraftabstract PDF text
B-5Estimation of Motion and Shape of Asteroid Itokawa abstract PDF text
B-6Hayabusa Optical Hybrid Navigation and Guidanceabstract PDF text
B-7Detailed Guidance and Navigation Operations during Descents and Touchdowns, Hayabusaabstract PDF text
B-8Attitude Control Challenges and Solutions for Hayabusa Spacecraftbstract PDF text
B-9Asteroid Explorer “HAYABUSA HAYABUSA” Touchdown Operationabstract PDF text
B-10Asteroid Explorer “HAYABUSA HAYABUSA” Rescue Operationabstract PDF text
B-11Hayabusa Attitude Control by Xe Gasjet for Rescue Operationsabstract PDF text
B-12Development of XML and IP Based Distributed
Ground Station System for Pico / Small Satelliteabstract PDF text
B-13CDevelopment of Attitude Determination and Control System forPico-Satellite Cute-1.7 + APDabstract PDF text
B-14Initial Phase AOCS Operation of Infrared Astronomy Satellite “AKARI”abstract PDF text
B-15Real-time Operations Using DSN for HAYABUSAabstract PDF text
B-16Scale Modeling for Landing Behavior of a LunarProbeand Experimental Verificationabstract PDF text
B-17Attitude Control Law of Spacecraft with Control Moment Gyros for Rapid Multitarget Pointing Missionabstract PDF text
B-18Attitude Control System of Spinning Solar Sail Sub-Payload Satelliteabstract PDF text
B-19Development of Attitude Determination and Control System for
Pico-Satellite Cute-1.7 + APDabstract PDF text
B-20Design and On-orbit Evaluation of Magnetic Attitude Control System for REIMEI
Microsatelliteabstract PDF text

C-1Reorientation of a Space Robot Using a Virtual Desired Configurationabstract PDF text
C-2Concept and Initial Hardware for Spacecraft Inspectionabstract PDF text
C-3Bi-directional system modelling technology and its application for controlling robot manipulatorsabstract PDF text
C-4Motion planning of a space robot with a momentum wheelabstract PDF text
C-5Design and Development of the Tether Deployment MechanismFor Nano-Satelliteabstract PDF text
C-6Experimental Study on Tape Tether Deployment of Sounding Rocket Projectabstract PDF text
C-7Nonlinear Dynamics of Tape Tether with Bending and Twistabstract PDF text
C-8Control Characteristics of Flexible Structures with Tetherabstract PDF text
C-9Experimental Study on Manual Operation Method of a Multiple-DOF Space Robotic Arm
Considering Vibration Suppressionabstract PDF text
C-10OEvaluation of ground and orbit microvibration of OICETSabstract PDF text
C-11Stepping Motor Driving Disturbance Test and Identification of Mathematical Disturbance Modelabstract PDF text
C-12Conceptual Study on a Legged Planetary Rover of Isotopic Shapeabstract PDF text
C-13Development of Wheeled Robot with Movable Center of Mass Traversing over Rough Terrainabstract PDF text
C-15Dynamics Behavior of Tether Retrieval in Tether Sampling for
Deep Space Minorbody Exploration Missionabstract PDF text
C-17Asymmetric Deployment Dynamics of Large Membraneabstract PDF text
C-18Dynamics Analysis of Spinning Solar Sailabstract PDF text
C-19A study on attitude control of Spinning Solar Sail-craftabstract PDF text
C-21Feasibility Assessment of Low-Ballistic-Coefficient Aerocapturefor Jupiter Explorationabstract PDF text
C-22Report for the Experimental Result of SSP (Solar-sail Sub-Payload) on M-V-8abstract PDF text