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A-1 HAYABUSA Orbit Determination after the Departure from Itokawaabstract PDF text
A-2 Orbit determination by using Radiometric Observationabstract PDF text
A-3 Orbit Determination of Hayabusa and Gravity Estimation of Itokawa During Close Proximity Phaseabstract PDF text
A-4 Effects of Velocity Increment Uncertainty in Optimal Trajectories for Deflecting Potentially Hazardous Asteroidsabstract PDF text
A-5 Method to stabilize a nano-satellite using the blurred quality of star imagesabstract PDF text
A-6 Attitude Determination and Control System for QSATabstract PDF text
A-7 Development of Tokyo Tech Nano-Satellite Cute-1.7 + APD IIabstract PDF text
A-8 Design of Attitude Control System for H2A-piggy Solar Sail Spacecraftabstract PDF text
A-9 Study of Robust Feedback Controller for Agile and Flexible Spacecraft gASTRO-Ghabstract PDF text
A-10 Preshaping Profiler for Flexible Spacecraft Rest-to-Rest Maneuversabstract PDF text
A-11 Efficient Attitude Representations and Formulationsabstract PDF text
A-12 A Study of Capture trajectories to the vicinity of L1 and L2 pointsabstract PDF text
A-13 Influence of the Finite Duration on a Fly-byabstract PDF text
A-14 Study of Structure of a Rubble-Pile Asteroid using Numerical Simulation of Multi-Particle Modelabstract PDF text
A-15 Analysis of Equilibrium Points of the Three Body Problem for the Formation of Rotational of Dumbbell-shaped Bodyabstract PDF text
A-17 Attitude Determination of Rotating Spacecraft by Magnetic Sensorsabstract PDF text
A-18 A study on design method of vibration isolator for reaction wheel assembly in consideration of the torque transmissibilityabstract PDF text
A-19 Evaluation of the Attitude Control System Using Three Dimensional Reaction Wheel for Microsatellitesabstract PDF text
A-20 Analysis of Dynamic Interactions between Satellite and Magnetic Bearing Wheel (MBW) with Inclined Magnetic Polesabstract PDF text
A-21 Hayabusa Attitude Control for delta-V Operationsabstract PDF text
A-22 Instability analysis of HAYABUSA attitude control by using one momentum wheelabstract PDF text

B-1 Path Compensation and Hierarchical Autonomous Functions for Long Range Exploration Roverabstract PDF text
B-2 Design scheme on Wheeled Forms of Exploration Rover in consideration of Mechanism between Wheels and Soilabstract PDF text
B-3 Locomotion Mechanics of Wheeled Rovers on Simulated Lunar Soilabstract PDF text
B-4 Dynamical Testing and Simulation Methods for Control System of a Lunar Roverabstract PDF text
B-5 The Optimal Orbital Control and Constellation of Dive and Ascent Earth Observing Satellitesabstract PDF text
B-6 The Efficiency of the Control Law Based on the C-W-Hill Equations from the Optimal Control Viewpointabstract PDF text
B-10 Debris Particle Recovery Using Trawl-Net-Like Small-Satellite Formation Flyingabstract PDF text
B-11 Preliminary Study on Satellite Formation Flying Control Around L2Using Solar Sail Propulsionabstract PDF text
B-12 A Consideration on Landerfs Motion Estimation from Range Image Sequence Utilizng LRFabstract PDF text
B-13 Autonomous Optical Navigation for Landing on Target Pointabstract PDF text
B-14 Scale Modeling for Landing Behavior of a Lunar Probe and Experimental Verificationabstract PDF text
B-15 Simulation Study of Relations Between Design Parameters and Velocity Measurement Accuracy in the Lunar Landing Radarabstract PDF text
B-16 Effects of Perturbation in Formation Flight around an Eccentric Reference Orbitabstract PDF text
B-17 Globally Optimum Formation Design Strategy for High-Elliptic Formation Flyingabstract PDF text
B-18 Folding and Retraction Mechanisms of Deployable Membrane for Spinning Solar Sailabstract PDF text
B-20 Deployment Demonstration of Supersized Membrane for Spinning Solar Sailabstract PDF text
B-21 Evaluation of deployment method of Spin-Deployable Membraneabstract PDF text
B-22 On C.P.-C.M. Offset Torque Generation for Tether-controlled Spinning Solar Sailabstract PDF text

C-1 Tether Length Control for Orbital Transfer of Tethered Satelliteabstract PDF text
C-2 Dynamics of a Solar Power Satellite Composed of Multi-bus with Panels for Power Generation and Transmissionabstract PDF text
C-3 Parabolic Flight Micro-Gravity Experiment of Tethered Recovery in Tethered Sampling Methodabstract PDF text
C-4 Experimental Study of Corer Projection and Sample Recovery In Tethered Sampling Methodabstract PDF text
C-5 Homeward Journey of Hayabusa using Ion Enginesabstract PDF text
C-6 Mission Analysis of HAYABUSA2, the next Japanese Asteroid Exploration Missionabstract PDF text
C-7 Comet capture missionabstract PDF text
C-9 Translunar Trajectory Reconfiguration for the Case of Main Engine Anomalyabstract PDF text
C-10 Optimal Trajectories in Earth Transfer Orbit for Lunar Transportation Systemabstract PDF text
C-11 Preliminary Study on Transportation Concept for Future Lunar Explorationabstract PDF text
C-12 Development of micro gravity experimental system from high altitude balloon and experimental report oh spacecraft #2abstract PDF text
C-13 Discussion About Supersonic Aviation And Pullout Control In Free-Fall Flying Object From Balloonabstract PDF text
C-14 CMG Test Bed Developmentabstract PDF text
C-15 Temperature Control of High Temperature and High Voltage Device by Fluid Loop Insulation and Cooling System Using Fluorinated Inactive Liquidsabstract PDF text
C-16 A Contact Dynamics For Spacecraft Capturing and Rigidizing by End-Effector of Space Manipulatorabstract PDF text
C-17 Application of Parameter Estimation to Control of Reconfigurable Space Structureabstract PDF text
C-18 State Localization of EVA Service Robotabstract PDF text
C-19 Beam Shape Modeling and Shape Generation Method of Morphable Beam Deviceabstract PDF text
C-20 The Analysis on the Contact Dynamics betwen a Robotic Manipulator and a Non-Cooperative Satellite using an Air-floating Testbedabstract PDF text
C-21 Study on Excavation Mechanism for Lunar Subsurface Exploration by Burrowing Robotabstract PDF text