Dromobile is an open multi-platform web application for client’s side accurate orbit propagation. This tool can be used not only on a computer, but also in modern mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, either with or without Internet access. It exploits both the processor and graphical capabilities of the hardware to calculate the orbit and other useful information and to present the results to the user. The special perturbation method Dromo, developed at the Space Dynamics Group of the Technical University of Madrid, is used to propagate the orbit since it has a good behavior in terms of computational speed and accuracy. The simulation environment is limited to geocentric orbits and the most important perturbations are considered. Dromobile graphical interface is based on WebGL, which provides a light framework and allows complete portability between operative systems and devices since its standard is supported by all the major web browsers. This tool can be used for professional, academic or educational purposes. It’s available online at:

Dromobile was developed by Javier Hernando Ayuso (a member of the Kawaguchi Lab) and by J. Alonso-Pardo (external collaborator). Dromobile was presented at the 6th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques (ICATT).