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Aug.10 2016
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July.21 2016
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July.5 2016
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July.1 2016
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About the Conference

 It is high time to explore Jupiter Trojan asteroids and the outer solar system with the new technology such as Solar Powered Sail spacecraft under detailed study at JAXA, and extraordinary demand has risen and deep insight into the early solar system and its evolution is expected. Any scientist and engineer is welcome to participate in this workshop. Especially those who are interested in Solar System Origin and the Evolution, Primitive Bodies, Science in the Outer Solar System, and Sample Return Missions from Primitive Bodies are strongly encouraged to join the workshop.


July 2-4, 2016


 Sagamihara Campus was opened in April 1989 as the main facility of the former ISAS. Amid quiet surroundings with a view of Tanzawa Mountains in the distance, the campus contains the Research/Administraion Bulidings, the Environmental Test Building (for development and testing of onboard equipment for rockets and satellites), the Experiment Facility Building, etc

Important Date

 Apr.11 2016
 Start Submision / Registration

 May.26 2016

 Abstract Deadline

 May.27 2016

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 Jul.2-4 2016


 Aug.31 2016

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  • New science results Jupiter Trojan asteroids, and related primitive solar system bodies in observational, theoretical, and laboratory experiments
  • New prospect to the origin and evolution of solar system and exoplanets
  • Methods and techniques for investigating the primitive bodies including Jupiter Trojan asteroids
  • Introduction to the sceience and technology in the Solar Power Sail Mission
  • Past, current and new missions to Trojan and other primitive bosdies
  • Strategy and Tactics toward the Solar System Exploration - what should come next?, how performed? etc.

Local Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Tatsuaki Okada(JAXA, Japan): General Chairperson
  • Dr. Takahiro Iwata(JAXA, Japan): Deputy General Chairperson
  • Dr. Hajime Yano(JAXA, Japan): Deputy General Chairperson
  • Dr. Jun Matsumoto(JAXA, Japan): Consultant
  • Dr. Makoto Yoshikawa(JAXA, Japan): Consultant
  • Dr. Osamu Mori(JAXA, Japan): Consultant
  • Dr. Jun'ichiro Kawaguchi(JAXA, Japan): Advisor

Comment by Working Group Scientist

 Origin and evolution of the Earth and the life on it, as well as the early solar system, is one of the fundamental questions for the human beings. A clue to the answer will be found by direct observations of primitive bodies, especially the Jupiter Trojan asteroids. Now there will be an opportunity to visit and explore the world in the outer solar system with new technologies in the Solar Powered Sail mission. All the scientists and engineers who are interested are welcomed to participate this workshop and discuss about the science and exploration for understanding the early solar system evolution and exploiting our new frontier.
Dr. Tatsuaki Okada